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FBK Blower Kit Differences (FBK-100 vs. FBK-200 vs. FBK-250)

In this video, Terry explains the basic differences between the FBK-100, FBK-200 and FBK-250 blower kits. These kits are most commonly used on Lennox, Superior and Astria gas fireplaces.

Video Transcription

"Hi, this is Terry with FireplaceBlowersOnline.com. Another common question we recieve is 'I don't know what FBK kit to buy'. And the FBK kits include the FBK-100, FBK-200, and FBK-250. Now, we're showing the FBK-100. The FBK-100 needs to have a wall switch designated for the blower only. The FBK-100 comes with a power cord, mounting bracket, noise reduction pad and it's a single speed. So the fan is going to run at a constant speed. The FBK-200 is the same config as the FBK-100, accept it includes a variable speed control and a wall mounting plate. And again, with the FBK-200, you need to have a wall mount switch dedicated to the blower only. If you don't have a wall switch for the blower, you need to go with the FBK-250. The FBK-250 comes with a variable speed control in it's own box, that will set in the firebox compartment. The FBK-250 also has the thermo disc, which is the thermo sensor that turns the blower on and off at pre-set temperatures. So, to clarify. The FBK-100 and FBK-200 are units that you're going to look for if you have a wall switch that is dedicated for the blower only. If you don't have a wall switch that is dedicated to the blower only, you need to order the FBK-250."