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FBK-250 Blower Kit Installation

In this video, Terry walks us through a basic installation of our popular FBK-250 blower kit. For demonstration purposes, we're using an insert free of any gas lines, controls or valves. It's important to note that your installation may vary based on the make and model of your fireplace. Various Lennox and Superior fireplaces require that the blower kit be installed through a panel below the gas logs and burner, rather than through the front lower louver opening as illustrated in this video. Others, such as some see-thru and peninsula models, require installation on the side of the fireplace rather than against the rear wall. If you have any questions during installation, we're always available at 262-989-4882.

The FBK-250 blower kit consists of a blower, mounting bracket, power cord, variable speed control, thermostat and noise reduction padding. The kit comes fully assembled and pre-wired, which make installation of the kit a DIY job. The FBK-250 is specifically designed for applications where there is no designated wall switch that turns the blower on and off. Instead, the kit's thermostat will turn the blower on and off automatically based on the surface temperature of the firebox.