What makes us the clear choice for your fireplace blower or fan kit?

Not all fireplace blowers and fans are created equal. In fact, there are subtle differences in our blower kits that make FireplaceBlowersOnline.com the clear choice for your fireplace blower or fan kit.


Ball Bearing Blowers

Unlike most of our competitors who use sleeve bearing blowers, our blowers use a more superior ball bearing motor. Ball bearings have a number of advantages over their sleeve bearing counterparts. Not only are they more quiet, they last considerably longer in fireplace applications. Sleeve bearing blowers usually allow for a moderate amount of shaft play. Over time, this shaft play will reduce the blower's efficiency and can eventually lead to failure. Ball bearing blowers eliminate the end play in the shaft, create a more quiet and efficient running blower, and extend the life of the blower considerably. For more information on sleeve vs. ball bearings, read Jason's blog post on the difference.


Pre-Wired Fan Kits Make Installation a Breeze

Forget hiring an expensive electrician, our fan kits are pre-wired to make installation a do-it-yourself job! Installation times will of course vary per fireplace and blower kit, but most installations can be completed within 20 minutes. Watch some of our fireplace blower installation videos and see for yourself!


Galvanized Mounting Brackets and Hardware

We're the first manufacturer to begin using galvanized steel for our blower kit mounting brackets and hardware. Galvanized steel prevents rusting, so your fireplace fan kit will continue to look and perform great. Ask us for details.


Assembled in the USA

We're located in Southeastern Wisconsin and we assemble and test every blower kit we sell by hand. Most of the parts we use in our kits are also Made in the USA. Furthermore, we offer custom solutions for a wide range of fireplace blower and fan kit applications.


Unmatched Customer Service & Support

We've re-written the book on customer service. When you call, you'll speak with the owner of the company, the vice president, our webmaster, or a very helpful associate. We can be reached 7 days a week by phone, we respond to emails within 24 hours, and our only goal is to make sure you're happy! Read what others are saying about us!


For additional information about us, please contact FireplaceBlowersOnline.com.


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