GFK-160 Fireplace Blower Fan Kit for Heat & Glo Quadra-Fire Fireplaces

Manufactured in the USA, Pre-Wired & Pre-Assembled, 100% Ball Bearing Construction

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 5.0 Stars

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About this Item

The GFK-160 fan kit is a dual blower kit designed to fit a number of fireplaces, including models from Heat N Glo, Hearth & Home, and more. The blower kit includes all of the components you'll need to successfully install a blower into your fireplace for the first time.

The GFK-160 kit is designed using a thermostatic on/off switch, which will automatically turn the blower on and off at set temperatures. Because of this feature, the GFK-160 kit can be used with or without a designated blower wall switch. This blower is a beast. At 160+ CFM of airflow, you'll feel the difference!

A fireplace blower kit is an efficient and affordable way for you to finally take advantage of your fireplace's wasted heat energy. A properly installed blower kit will last for years and provide your home with energy saving heat.

Included with Purchase

  • Dual ball bearing blower w/ center mounted motor
  • Pre-wired harness for easy installation
  • Rheostat variable speed control
  • Magnetic thermostat
  • 3 to 2 prong outlet adapter
  • 3-prong power cord
  • Velcro strips
  • Rubber mounting feet to reduce noise and vibration
  • Installation instructions
  • 1 year warranty

Installation Notes

Contractor installation instructions are provided with the the kit. The kit is pre-wired for easy installation, but always consult with a professional if you experience problems during the installation. We're available by phone at 262-989-4882.


  • Helps reduce costly energy bills
  • Heats large rooms efficiently
  • Installs quickly and easily
  • Affordable

Assembled in USAread morecollapse

This aftermarket fireplace blower kit is the culmination of years of our own research and development. It is designed in every sense to meet or exceed OEM specifications, which is why we back our claim with a comprehensive 1 year warranty. Don't be fooled by other aftermarket kits on the market. Most of our competitors are simply resellers with inferior products and higher prices.

All of our blower kits are assembled and tested in the USA (Racine, Wisconsin) by hand. In fact, when you call us at 262-989-4882, you can speak with the person who will personally build your kit. Please be sure to compare our dimensions with your fireplace's available clearance and dimensions. While we provide instructions with each of our kits, the instructions can be limited due to the sheer number of fireplace manufacturers and fireplace models. We are always available by phone to assist or answer any questions you may have.

Warranty Detailsread morecollapse

We believe you should feel safe when making a purchase from, which is why we offer a full 1 year warranty on everything we sell.


So what's included with our warranty?

Our warranty is a 1 year piece of mind that you're purchasing the most recognized aftermarket blower or fan kit available. We cover all parts and labor associated with the repair or replacement, we have incredibly fast turn around, and quite honestly the best customer service you'll find in the industry.


Warranties start on the date of purchase and extend exactly 1 calendar year or 365 days from this date.


Extended warranty

Our 1 year extended warranty plan covers your purchase for an additional year after our manufacturer warranty expires. We're so confident in our blowers and fan kits, that we're the only fireplace blower retailer to offer one.

Even accessories are covered

When I mean we cover everything, we cover everything. Accessories like thermostats, rheostat variable speed controls, and power plugs are all covered under under our comprehensive 1 year warranty.


No excess is payable upon a warranty claim

You pay no excess if you need to make a claim, simply call us at 1-262-989-4882 or 1-262-989-4883 to make a claim with one our helpful associates. We will issue a return authorization number, which can be used to return defective parts.


* Please note that shipping costs to return defective items is not covered and will not be reimbursed. Return fees are the responsibility of the purchaser unless special considerations are made with

Technical Details

Length x Width x Height (inches w/ bracket) 12.5 x 4.5 x 4.5
Length x Width x Height (inches w/o bracket) 12.5 x 4.5 x 4.5
Air discharge length (inches) 4.75 / each blower
Motor Type AC Shaded Pole
Motor Bearing Type Ball
Outboard Bearing Type Ball
High Temp Lubrication Yes
Insulation Class H (rated to 392°F)
Motor RPM 2700
Airflow in C.F.M 160
Mounting Free standing, rubber feet
Volts 120
Frequency (hertz) 60
Power Consumption (watts) 60
Amperage 0.93
Power Cord Yes
Power Cord Length (inches) 38
Power Cord Type 3-prong
Rheostat Variable Speed Yes
Thermostat Yes
Thermostat Type Magnetically mounted
Thermostat Temperature 120°F/90°F
Blade Material Composite
Frame Material Black powder coated steel
Packaging Materials Shipping box, bubble wrap, foam

Also Known As

  • GFK-160A , GFK-160B (timer circuit not available) , GFK-160T , Fasco 7002-1241 , A133 , R7-RB168 (Electric Motor Warehouse) , HB-RB168 (ROTOM)

Compatible Fireplaces & Modelsread morecollapse


A36C , A36CH , A42C , A42CH , ADI60S , ADI-ZC-FB , ADI-ZCFB-S , BCDV36 , BE-36 , BE-36-C , BE-36-CIPI , BE-36-CNG , BE-36-CIPING , BE-36-CLP , BE-36-CIPILP , CB4842 , CB4842IR , CB4842IR-C , CB4842ILR-C , CB4842MLR , CB4842MR , CB4842MIR , CB4842MILR , CD4842 , CD4842R , CD4842LR , CD4842IR , CD4842IR-C , CD4842ILR , CD4842ILR-C , CD4842MLR , CD4842MR , CD4842MIR , CD4842MILR , CNTX4236IT-C , CNTX4236ILT-C , CNTX4236IH , CNTX4236ILH-C , CNTX4236IT , CNTX4236ILT , CNTX4236IH , CNTX4236ILH , CNTX4842IT-C , CNTX4842ILT-C , CNTX4842IH , CNTX4842ILH-C , CNTX4842IT , CNTX4842ILT , CNTX4842IH , CNTX4842ILH , CNTX70E , CNTX90E , 116DV3732NV , 116DV3732PV , 116DV4136NV , 116DV4136PV , 116DV3732NE , 116DV3732PE , 116DV4136NE , 116DV4136PE , DV3732 , DV3732NS , DV3732PS , DV3732SBI , DV3732SBIL , DV4136 , DV4136NS , DV4136PS , GBi25 , GCBC60 , GCBC60L , GCBC60I , GCBC60IL , GCBC80 , GCBC80L , GCBC80I , GCBC80IL , GCDC42 , GCDC42L , GCDC42I , GCDC42IL , GCDC60 , GCDC60E , GCDC60L , GCDC60LE , GCDC60I , GCDC60IL , GCDC80 , GCDC80L , GCDC80LE , GCDC80I , GCDC80IL , GNTC80 , GNTC80LE , MAX60 , MAX60-FFMAX1 , MAX60-FFMAX2 , MAX60L-FFMAX2G , MAXUS MAX60E , MAXUS MAX60EF , MAXUS MAX60F , MAXUS MAX60L , MAXUS MAX60LE , MAXUS MAX60LEF , MAXUS MAX60LF , NOVi30 , NOVi30L , NOVi35 , NOVi35L , Olympus , SC60 , Titan , Twilight , Twilight II

Heat N Glo

GFK-160 , 4000GDV , 4000TV , 5000GDV , 5000TV , 6000CBV , 6000CBV-IPI , 6000CBV-LP , 6000CBV-IPILP , 6000GBV , 6000GBV-IPI , 6000GBV-LP , 6000GBV-IPILP , 6000TVFL , 6000BE , 6000BE-IPI , 6000BEC-IPI , 6000BEC-IPILP , 6000TR , 6000XLT-CDN , 6000ARCH , 6000XLS , 6000CAMP , 6000C , 6000C-LP , 6000C-IPI , 6000C-IPILP , 6000CF-OAK , 6000CF-OAK-IPI , 6000PLUS , 6000TR-OAK , 6000TR-OAK-IPI , 6000TRXI , 6000TRXI-IPI , 6000CF-OAK-IPI , 6000CFLP-OAK-IPI , 6000CL-IPI-S , 6000CL-IPILP-S , 6000CL-IPI-T , 6000CL-IPILP-T , 6000 GDVFL , 6000G , 6000G-LP , 6000G-IPI , 6000G-IPILP , 6000GCF-IPI , 6000GCF-IPILP , 6000GL-IPI-S , 6000GL-IPI-R , 6000GL-IPILP-S , 6000GL-IPILP-R , 6000GLX-IPI-S , 6000GLX-IPI-R , 6000GLX-IPILP-S , 6000GLX-IPILP-R , 6000CLX-IPI-S , 6000CLX-IPILP-S , 6000CLXIPI-T , 6000CLX-IPILP-T , 6000XLSB , 6000XLTB , 6000TRI-IPI , 6000TRI-SP , 6000XLT , 6000XLT-CDN , 6000TRB , 6000SEB , 6000TV , 6000TV-OAK , 6000TV-OAK-IPI , 6000 DVTFL , 7000TR , 7000TRB , 7000XLS , 7000XLT , 7000TV , 7000TVB , 8000CBV , 8000CBV-IPI , 8000CBV-LP , 8000CBV-IPILP , 8000GBV , 8000GBV-IPI , 8000GBV-LP , 8000GBV-IPILP , 8000TVFL , 8000BE , 8000BE-IPI , 8000BEC-IPI , 8000BEC-IPILP , 8000TR , 8000XLT-CDN , 8000ARCH , 8000XLS , 8000CAMP , 8000C , 8000C-LP , 8000C-IPI , 8000C-IPILP , 8000CF-OAK , 8000CF-OAK-IPI , 8000PLUS , 8000TR-OAK , 8000TR-OAK-IPI , 8000TRXI , 8000TRXI-IPI , 8000CF-OAK-IPI , 8000CFLP-OAK-IPI , 8000CL-IPI-S , 8000CL-IPILP-S , 8000CL-IPI-T , 8000CL-IPILP-T , 8000 GDVFL , 8000G , 8000G-LP , 8000G-IPI , 8000G-IPILP , 8000GCF-IPI , 8000GCF-IPILP , 8000GL-IPI-S , 8000GL-IPI-R , 8000GL-IPILP-S , 8000GL-IPILP-R , 8000GLX-IPI-S , 8000GLX-IPI-R , 8000GLX-IPILP-S , 8000GLX-IPILP-R , 8000CLX-IPI-S , 8000CLX-IPILP-S , 8000CLXIPI-T , 8000CLX-IPILP-T , 8000XLSB , 8000XLTB , 8000TRI-IPI , 8000TRI-SP , 8000XLT , 8000XLT-CDN , 8000TRB , 8000SEB , 8000TV , 8000TV-OAK , 8000TV-OAK-IPI , 8000 DVTFL , BAY-38HV , BAYFYRE-TRS , BE-32 , BE-36-C , BE-36-CIPI , BE-41 , BE-41C , BE-41LPC , BE-41IPIC , BE-41IPILPC , BV4236DBI , BV4842DBI , CBS-41 , CERONA-36 , CERONA-42 , DV3732SBI , DV3732SBIL , FB-GRAND , FB-IN , GATEWAY , GRAND-50 , Pier-HV-IPI , ST-HV-IPI , LCOR-HV-IPI , RCOR-HV-IPI , Pier-HBV-IPI , ST-HBV-IPI , LCOR-HBV-IPI , RCOR-HBV-IPI , ST-36TR-IPI , ST-36TRLP-IPI , ST-36TRB-IPI , PIER-36TR-IPI , PIER-36TRB-IPI , PIER-36TRLP-IPI , LCOR-36TRB-IPI , RCOR-36TRB-IPI , Pier-TRC , Pier-38HV , Pier-TVFL , ST-42TVFL , ST-42TVFL-IPI , ST-38HV , ST-TRC , ST-GDV , ST-550T-IPI , L-Corner-TRC , R-Corner-TRC , NORTHSTAR-BK , NORTHSTAR-GT , NORTHSTAR-NT , SL-32 , SL-32GDV , SL-32S , SL-36 , SL-36GDV , SL-350DVT , SL-350TRS , SL-350TRS-C , SL-350TRS-C-D , SL-350TRS-CE-D , SL-350TRS-D , SL-350TRS-IPI , SL-550TRS-IPI , SL-550BE , SL-550BE-IPI , SL-550BE-M-IPI , SL-550TR , SL-550TR-C , SL-550TR-D , SL-550TR-E , SL-550TR-IPI-E , SL-550TRS , SL-550TRS-C , SL-550TRS-E , SL-550TRS-IPI-D , SL-550TRS-IPI-E , SL-550METRO , SL-550METRO-LP , SL-750TR , SL-750TR-C , SL-750TR-D , SL-750TR-E , SL-750TR-IPI-E , SL-750TRS , SL-750TRSFHHIPI , SL-750TRS-C , SL-750TRS-E , SL-750TRFL , SL-750TRS-IPI-D , SL-750TRS-IPI-E , SL-950TR , SL-950TR-C , SL-950TR-D , SL-950TR-E , SL-950TR-IPI-E , SL-350TV , SL-550TV-C , SL-550TV-D , SL-550TV-IPI-D , SL-550TV-IPI-E , SL-750TV-C , SL-750TV-D , SL-750TV-IPI-D , SL-750TV-IPI-E , SL-950TV-C , SL-950TV-D , SL-950TV-IPI-D , SL-950TV-IPI-E , SL-3000 , SL-36-Ultimate , SL-36TV , SL-42DTV , Olympus , Titan , TIARA I-C , TIARA 1 , TIARAI-BK-C , TIARAI-BK-C , TIARAI-CES-C


7100FP-BK-B , 7100FP-GD-B , 7100FP-NL-B , QV36A-FB , QFP38-NP , QFP38-LP , QFP44 , QV32 , QV32A , QV32B , QV32B-A , QV36D , QV36B-A , QV36DB-A , QV36DC , QV36DC-A , QV-ST , QV-PIER , TWILIGHT II , TWILIGHT LP


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Unlike our competitors, we are not a third-party supplier of aftermarket blower kits. We assemble, test, and inventory all of our product in our Racine, WI USA facilty. We pride ourselves in providing the finest quality aftermarket blower kits on the market.

Please review our inventory statuses below.

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This is unlikely, but unfortunately, not even we can prevent all things from being backordered from time to time. Please call us at 262-989-4882 or 262-989-4883 and we can provide a much more detailed reason for the backorder and a time when we expect to receive additional inventory.

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 5.0 Stars
Great Customer Service easy to install!

So we have been in the market for a blower/ fan for out Heat & Glo fireplace insert that was already installed in our new home we purchased 2 years ago. The prices the installers want here in CT were pretty high and made us feel it had to be installed by a professional. So $270 for the fan and $125 to install... OUCH.... So I searched the web and came across a video on youtube on how to install a fireplace blower. I watched it several times and could not believe how it easy he made it look. When he came to the part telling me that the fan was all pre-wired and just slide it in, magnet the sensor and plug it in I was hooked! Fireplaceblowersonline prices will not be beat and the customer service is top notch! Even on a Sunday they respnded to my emails with questions I had. Now to the install... it was so easy!! The hardest part was getting it in without the little rubber legs falling off but I knew they had to come off for certain installs. Once it it was in the back, I stuck the sensor on the bottom of the fireplace and plugged it to the outlet already installed underneith my stove. Turned it on and 5-10 mins later the fan kicked on and was warming the room!!! So if you are in the market for a fan, dont look any further, the product is as described, it shipped free and fast and the customer service is top notch! Thanks guys for all the help.... Tom East Haven CT

- coondoga1, 11/4/2013

 5.0 Stars
GFK-160 & Heat 'n Glo - Perfect Match!

Like Tom in CT, our home came with a Heat 'n Glo gas log. We've been in this home for about eight years. The convective flow of hot air out of the fireplace was pretty good adding heat to the living room on cold mornings. Still I felt we could extract more heat with a blower. But I had some questions regarding the fit of this blower kit, etc. Well, the guys at answered all my installation questions quickly and graciously. So I placed my order, and it was not long before the GFK-160 showed up on my front porch. Opened the box and was pleased with the high quality of this blower unit. Very well made. The installation was quite simple, but I took time to thoroughly clean the whole fireplace while I was in the mood. Once installed and the fire started it took about 5 minutes for the blower to kick on. Set the speed at about half which is a nice compromise between air flow and noise level. Now on cool NC mornings the fireplace heats not only the living room but we get a strong convective flow to the second floor lessening the run time on the heating system there to warm the home. This will prove to be a good investment as we heat here with two heat pump systems which greatly degrade in efficiency when outdoor temps drop below about 35 degrees. Excellent product and great service - much appreciated.

- Ron C., 11/5/2013

 5.0 Stars

This was as easy as the video claims! The blower came as promised and it only took me about a half an hour from start to finish to have it completely in. I found that removing the access door at the bottom of my fireplace made things a little easier. All I had to do was figure out which way to move the existing wires so that they wouldn't get hung up on the blower. Also, you might want to keep an eye on the rubber feet because they tend to fall off while initially trying to put the blower in and there isn't much room to try and put them on once the blower is in. I have to admit that I lost one of mine, I think that it may have fallen down a little crack in the fireplace. But I simply used a piece of cardboard to level the blower and that fixed it. I also did have a bit of a problem figuring out my power supply. At first the existing outlet in the bottom of my fireplace did not work. I was reluctantly going to just use a drop cord from a nearby outlet in my living room and settle until I could afford to call in an electrician. But then I realized that there was a light switch right beside the switch that turned on the fireplace. It seems as though the builders previously wired a switch that would control the blower, so when I turned it on the receptacles had power. I merely tucked in all of the wires and enjoyed my fireplace. I'm a little disappointed in the heat distribution but I have an open floor plan. All that being said I'm very pleased with my purchase, THANKS FIREPLACEBLOWERSONLINE.COM!

- Makeba, 1/11/2014

 5.0 Stars
Easy to install

This blower is easy to install. Anybody can do it if they have a little patience. Some pointers to consider when you install the blower: !. Before you install the blower, take time to clean the dust and installation small particles from the enclosure. Remember the blower moves air which will include this stuff when you turn it on. Keep your wife happy with this small effort. 2. If you have a gas fireplace, then you will probably have loose wires sitting in the area you must go through when installing the blower. Tape them down so they don't catch on the blower feet. It's a real close fit and this step will save you possible problems. 3. And finally, now that you have a clean work area take some time to look for any holes where outside air can come into the chase and seal it up with metal tape. You can get this tape at Home Depot. The blower works great!

- RicLaw8709, 10/29/2015

 5.0 Stars
GFK-160 and Heat & Glo DV3732

The GFK-160 was a perfect fit for the smaller Heat & Glo DV3732 model. It was an easy install ( 20 minutes or so) once you remove both the front louver cover and the front glass plate ( 4 spring loaded clips to remove). That allows an opening of 4.25" which is adequate space. I am impressed with the GFK-160 unit with the nice wiring job, fast shipping, and great packaging of the unit. I am also impressed with the fantastic customer service that was provided in e-mails where all my questions were answered in detail (by Jason). It is nice to see a company deliver a quality product with great customer service. For those with the smaller DV3732 fireplace, it took 18 minutes for the blower to start, and 14 minutes for it to turn off after I shut down the fireplace. I also used the AUX plug in instead if the Fan plug.

- JHamlin, 1/18/2016

 5.0 Stars
GFK - 160 Review

Received GFK 160 blower today ,shipping was fast 2 days . Packaging very good . When I called the company they where very helpful . Installation was very easy , half hour . Blower is well made and very quiet ,works great. Made a big difference in heat output into room.

- papavinnienj, 2/3/2016

 5.0 Stars
Happy Customer

Nice quality ball-bearing fan. Reasonably quiet at low fan speeds. In fairness, I am super picky about noise. Really improved the efficiency of the fireplace.... so much heat was being lost to the outside of the house. Install takes only a few minutes. Great website.... made it really easy to figure out which blower I needed. Install videos are really helpful.... I was hesitant to do the upgrade until I saw how simple it was. Thanks for a great experience.

- davetaylormd, 2/13/2016

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